Spoils of Victory Page 15 is released! Looks like the schoolboy still has quite a bit of cum left in his balls! Perhaps he was participating in No Nut November before all this? πŸ˜‰

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@degencomics He's is clearly part water type, super effective against the hot fire lolis

@degencomics It's really great how the girls look so cute and squishy, and this page is particularly good about showing this off. He does certainly seem very virile for his age, too. xD Either way, I hope he returns the favor... and this doesn't mean the comic is nearly over. They still have two more holes each that need some of that cream filling. :P

@Drow The comic is not over, that is all we'll say... πŸ˜‰

@degencomics Well, I hope it doesn't stop at oral, anyway, though the comic was great so far I really hope to see more. And anal is a particular focus of mine, so I'm definitely hoping for that, too, but I of course understand that you're not giving out spoilers. :P Just saying what I hope to see.


Hey do you guys want to collaborate on a comic series in the future?. I have an idea for a great "alternate universe"/pseudo sequel sort of take on this lil' series. Id love to go into more detail

@degencomics damn those cute little munchkins got sprayed i mean damn

@degencomics hope first penetration also first time his foreskin gets peeled all the way and is confused by the change in shape. But ultimately decides it doesn't matter cause it feels good.

@degencomics love that style and that uncut pp. Such amazing work

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