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We gearing up for the next project, some stuff could be a sequel or NOT, we want your opinion! :blobthinkingsmirk:

I'm so happy with how this one turned out ^^
For some reason I never drawn Mavis before.

I have more versions in my fanbox.

I know it's a little later for christmas.
Let's see if someone knows where do they come from~

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The King always gets to request a private show in his chambers. Lucky him!

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The first post of the new year, they are the Fanbox poll winners.

I also made a new signature~

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Good thing souls are just a visual representation of the cognitive self... I mean, she's cute.

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Tamberlane is a comic that has a very special place to me. I really think more people should check it out.

I just wanted to share this fanart.

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Smolder, from MLP is here!! This is a character that I wanted to make for a long time! And now she is here to make your christmas more special!!

I still making Neptune, I will release her next week. But I will release one more character this month!! πŸ˜‹



If you like my work, support me at PixivFANBOX!!


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Like I said: Winter is coming (is here actually).
OK shotaKOn: Xmas Xpecial (14 pages long)
More information soon. A "new(?)" revelation each day.

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