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i've been thinking this for a while, but we need a bunch of loli artists to get together and raise money to donate to victims of child sexual abuse

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i wanna fuck a loli... but if lolis were real they'd either be just kids or bug eyed creeps, and neither of those are appealing to me T^T

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i like drawing loli, shota, toddlercon, babycon, hentai, scat, pee, traps, wholesome, futa (both hemraphrodite and intersex), excessive cum, pregnant hentai, cumflation

i won't draw
non-trap gay, trans, violent porn, bullying porn, violence in general, vomit, vore, foot fetish.

ask me about everything else uwu

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Just a reminder to keep your kiddie porn between yourself and the prison wardens. i don't want it. i don't want anything to do with it. because i love this site, i love not being arrested and i love not being distressed

(for context: someone sent me something that, while not kiddie porn, was basically an indicator they were willing to send it)

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my sister did my nails today and i now look 100% more fabulous than all of you

very oversharing 

so my lips are dry and it annoys me, so i bite the flaked skin off. i've done it for years, but the past couple weeks they have hardly been healing over and i'm kinda worried.

i went back to the video.
they had a second content warning for anti-semitisim and dead bodies
in a video about the holocaust.
with the holocaust in the title
and the thumbnail

actually fuck the creator of the video. unnecessary bullshit. if you click on the (probably age restricted, according to the uploader herself) video, you should know this.

i don't get why this shit pisses me off but it just does. it's so obviously retarded i just can't fucking stand it

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honestly, if it's expected, don't warn for it. if you need to be told not to fuck around with a cliff then you deserve to die. if you click on "how grooming happens", then you automatically void your right to complain about it triggering your ptsd.

the only things that should be warned about are unexpected things. shit like ptsd triggers or autism triggers, or if you're talking about spoilers for things that aren't OBVIOUSLY ABOUT TO COME UP

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honestly fuck content/spoiler warnings. people use them for the most meaningless shit. yes, the video with HOLOCAUST and a picture of the death camp i'm too lazy to spell really fucking needs a 5 minute content warning. thanks, i really needed a spoiler warning for a mythological dissection of the last harry potter book. wow, do you think there might be a cartoon of a baby getting fucked on this loli site?

between nearly dying to having my bed break, my bird dying, my uni starting up a month earlier than normal (and they didn't tell me, usually i get notified), the july 11th thing (can't contact one of my friends still, still haven't re-added people and servers or gotten another admin or done anything) and my lightbox shitting itself and only sporadically working i have been feeling kinda empty, hence no art recently. i got ideas, i just... can't be bothered, i guess

i have been planning this for a while and i had to cut up some paper anyway so i decided to do it

Cathy is a conspiracy loli who legitimately believes that there is a third dimension, and that extradimensional beings are secretly controlling people

one of my surgery scars fucking itches and it's worrying me

>on the yume nikki wikki for no reason.
>sees link to webcomic claiming uboa cameos in it
>binges all of awful hospital in 3 days
> one character sounds like a character from an asutra-germanic cartoon for kids
>check it out on a whim
>first seconds of post intro music
> if you remove one note from it it sounds like some of the music in yume nikki
>we have come full circle

i swear ever since leaning to play some of the YN soundtrack on piano i just hear it everywhere. make it stop. or don't

theoretically you could upload images to this, which would be broken down into algorithm directories (probably not the technical term) and trade them. this could permanently end all forms of censorship. theoretically any image could be downscaled and converted into a code to feed the algorithm. so if you had the code, and the algorithm, you could recreate images. so if, say, lolicon is banned where you live... you could transmit lolicon using these imputs

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anyway i was watching a video on the canvas of babel

so in class we just discussed the "philosophical zombie"

it's literally just the NPC meme but applied to dualism

i am now declaring today as "international tslap a tsundere day"

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