What is baraag.net?

🎨 Freely share all types of art. This instance welcomes loli, shota, fan works, graphic violence, and any sexual depiction expressed as a piece of fiction in subject or setting.

✅ Uncensored 2D drawings & 3D models
✅ Zero guidelines on fictional characters
❌ No real life photographic persons
❌ No illegal content*

Home to 50 users
Who authored 569 statuses
Connected to 1,205 other instances
*Subject to local laws of France where this node is hosted.

  • As of 2015, Amendment 462 guarantees the freedom of artistic dissemination.
  • However, it remains illegal to produce (within French jurisdiction) any sexual depictions of fictional minors under the age of 15. Sharing nazi symbolism is also considered illegal and will be removed from the public timeline accordingly.
  • baraag.net does not produce or manufacture any content, and only freely distributes art that is shared by members of the fediverse.

“We must ensure that art can continue to disturb.”
- Fleur Pellerin, Minister of Culture and Communication

Registration is open to all, but there is focus on original artists and client/commission work as a theme for this node.

Please refrain from uploading to the local timeline any content that you do not own or have permission to share. Short of anything illegal, feel free to boost whatever you'd like from your federated timeline.