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Terms of Service
*Subject to local laws of France where this node is hosted.

  • Since 2015, amendment nΒ°462 (nΒ°3068) has guaranteed the freedom of artistic dissemination.
  • However, it remains illegal to produce (within French jurisdiction) any sexual depictions of minors under the age of 15. Fictional characters not based on any models, actors, actresses, or other real life persons cannot meet the legal definition of being a 'minor'.
  • baraag.net does not locally produce or manufacture any content, and only freely distributes art that is submitted by its users or shared by other members of the fediverse.

β€œWe must ensure that art can continue to disturb.”
- Fleur Pellerin, Minister of Culture & Communication, 2014-2016

Although there is a focus on creators of uncensored adult art, registration is open to everyone. It is advisable to mark NSFW uploads for sensitive content as a courtesy to others, but is required specifically for guro or explicit gore content.

There are also zero blocks put in place for remote instances. However, local accounts will be silenced if found posting art that they do not own the permission to share, or for flooding the public timeline with more than 4-5 posts at a time.

Please refrain from spamming content as well as unauthorized reproduction of others' work here at baraag.net

The landing page illustration is by the wonderful artist, @OcaWorld

As of December 2018, server expenses has been covered!

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