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I'm taking on a few commissions at the moment. Customs start at $200. If you're interested, gimme a poke!

I suppose "an image viewer with real-time rotate" is what I'm trying to say 😄

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Does anyone know of a good photo viewing app that allows you to rotate / tilt and view a photo on the fly?

Meaning, I'd be able to zoom in on the photo and rotate it with a gesture and it will stay that way until I gesture to move it again?

Seems simple enough but default photo viewers keep re-orienting the image when I let go 🤔

✏️ I need an iPad mini to use as my drawing reference tablet. Any help at all would be AMAZING!! :blobhug2:

Amazon gift cards & CashApp happily accepted ❤️

@CartoonPink did a commission for us of Debbie and Katie, and the results are outstanding! (resized for the web)

Inspired by those lovely, Edwardian OZ illustrations by the amazing John R. Neill...

PS. You can find her on Twitter and OnlyFans @ pluckypeaches

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I just completed this commission portrait for a cute content creator names Peaches. 🍑 She was nice enough to want me to share it with you.

Celebrating the lolis of the Hal Roach talkies.

I've been wanting to draw little Shirley for quite some time now!

✏️ Here's a little "behind the scenes" peek of the thumbnail sketches I did for the Helena & Claire illustrations.

Which ones do you like the best?

A very special post today! I just completed this four illustration set for @goingmyownway of his characters Helena & Claire ❤️

Let's all give him a big bunch of love for wanting me to share these paintings with all of you!!

Currently obsessed with John R. Neill's OZ illustrations... ✏️ I feel an Edwardian Dorothy will be in my future 😍

another commission from @CartoonPink
Cassie with her binky showing off her gumdrop nipps
a perfect daughter if i say so myself

a lovely tease image by CartoonPink and i will hope to commission again in the future, think its time to get a shot of her adorable prefect tush next

Her name is Nastya and she wants to grow up to be a Bimbo. ❤️

I'm taking on a few commissions at the moment. Customs start at $200. If you're interested, gimme a poke!

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