@ac120 I love this so much! Oban Star Racers is one of my favorite shows, but so few people know about it and it's practically impossible to find smutty art for it.

Imagine my surprise when, after joining Baraag, the *first* thing I see is incredibly hot Oban art. And Eva/Don, on top of that! 😍

@rhodanum Thank you for your kind words. :)

This is a part of a long running project I am working on, on and off over the past few years mostly hosted on ex-hentai, but I might start posting the rest of them here as I go back and finish some of the incomplete pages as well as more doodles. Although most of them are group stuff with the pit crews and Aikka.

@ac120 I would be very happy to see more of your lovely work here! Oban means a lot to me and I'm very happy to see that there are still people dedicated to making art for it.

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