And what Pixiv requests, Pixiv gets... Much to our collective libido's delight!

The dear girl looks slightly spent. She could have run away when she "heard" the plans, but she didn't, did she? (yummy to think about!)

More horny venting, please!!! Horniness is contagious after all!!!

It's raw in a good way!! (not raw sewage as you seem to hint, but I'm hoping that's just some false modesty.) I love the poses and their intensity!!

Absolutely GORGEOUS image of her, too!!! (forgot to say so in my earlier post) :cat_slime: :yanagiyuu_heart3:

She IS a beautiful creature both inside and out! So fun-loving, and unpretentious in her likes and desires. And clearly honest with herself about her growing feelings for her cosplay collaborator / boyfriend!

Looks a little bit like Monopoly meets Among Us. That would make an interesting hybrid game with both old-time board game and newish video game sensibilities. I'd buy it for a dolla! :blobsir:

@ClearanceLemon @Bbbhop
Yes, the ever popular, and in-demand, human-canine hybrid puppies!

(picking my nose)
"Uh, don't know. Is it tender and tasty like Gina's?"

[ I've never seen Margaret sexier!! ]

An auspicious start!! Looking forward to seeing forward progress!

Someone's about to make it into the unit! Most certainly! :anidab_right: 👯‍♀️ :anidab_left:

Based on ancient Egyptian artworks they had a very enlightened view of loli & shouta nakedness, namely a view unencumbered by any clothing whatsoever! Someday we'll get borrow the best ideas from the ancient civilizations and make Earth great again!

Max will figure out a way to take them both at once, I'm sure!

Good boy Max! Good, good boy! Oh! -- Someone is starting to get excited, isn't he? Whoh! Woah! Whoh! Look how insanely red it is! and how big his freakin' knot is!! He must smell something in the air, hanging around the kids.

Max thinks, "You two bitches both belong to my personal harem ya hear? I'll tear to shreds any s.o.b. who tries to mount ya!! aight?"

Um, please do proceed! I like where this is heading.

"clothing optional crab" at our fan-service!

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