I just sent 0.001 BTC to Koi, which is about $20 USD towards the Baraag server goals. I hope to send more, maybe after I earn some as an artist. My "Satoshi for Satori" wallet address is

I seeded it with BTC I earned from my previous tech work. If you have a fragment of BTC, or a few SATs to spare, and you donate it to the above address, I will know that you like what I do, but all the funds will still go towards Baraag's server.

I also have an artist bitcoin wallet, (address shown below) which you can put money into, if you want to leave me the warm glow of having done something worthy of getting money for.

ZuitL artist wallet:


Oh, my! Tonight, I noticed that some generous anonymous benefactor has in fact put a partial bitcoin into my artist wallet! Thank you very much & I hope my future work will make it clear that your BTC deposit was a valuable "investment" in an artist who I hope will go far!

I've mentioned that all the funds sent to my "Satoshi for Satori" wallet will go to Koi & his Baraag server fund wallet. I also plan to tithe at least 10% from this, my artist wallet, to the Baraag server fund! Life is good!


10% tithe to Baraag's server fund has now been sent! Feels great to be "in the flow"!!! :take_my_money:

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