One of my artist friends here on Baraag is working on a unique project, and I wanted to suggest a type of mouth for the youngest character in the planned image. I looked for a ref image, and I can't believe I was not able to find one. I thought I could track one down fast, but no! So I edited a Kana pic, by another artist, and changed her mouth to suggest the cute baby-mouth where you only see the top of the mouth. I also added the "Nom Nom" for good measure.

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Gladly! Here it is. The original is very charming. The only reason I made my edit was to showcase the type of "top-of-mouth-only" mouth, which are sometimes drawn on babies and young children.

My pleasure! I'm glad somebody asked for it, the original is so kawaii!

Okay, it looks like DuckDuckGo just didn't have the images I was looking for, or I didn't know the correct search terms that would coax them to show the images I was trying to get. I usually prefer DDG over Google, for their better privacy policies, but I just tried looking for Kana images with the cute mouth on Google, and bingo! within seconds I had some valid hits, as you can see by the sampling below.

You know, the fourth picture above -- the computer desktop screengrab, which has the beautiful subdued lighting -- and my edited version of Kana at the top of this thread, made me realize something. Both I, and the artist of the fourth pic, are emphasizing the slight beak-like quality of the cute baby-mouth. In other words we're playing-up Kana's dragon nature while she's in human form.

The third of the four pics also has a hint of Kana's "phoenix-dragon-like" beak in child form.

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