This is another example of "real" artworx from me. What I mean by that is I drew and painted this image with a paint program on my own computer, instead of on some simple web-based paint editor thingy (Oekaki it's called in Japan, which literally means “drawing”)

So, without further ado, I present to you...

== Mia's favorite doll is her panda ==

Two views of the same girl, named Mia, but set apart in time.

The larger image in back shows a man taking Mia's favorite panda doll and shoving its big soft stubby tail right up her vagina. Mia knows the exciting sensation well! She does this to herself all the time! Did the guy secretly see her doing this?! Her panda's tail is so soft and big she couldn't resist trying & once she did she was hooked! Now she hopes to get a plushy with a longer tail, maybe thicker too. Panda would probably no longer be her favorite after that. Tail size does matter!

For Pixiv's recent special day celebrating bellybuttons I just had to choose this image of mine. Of course I tagged it appropriately so it could be in their bellybutton gallery, and of course they're stuck with the censored version. We see Mia's cute bellybutton from two different vantage points. It's rare for me to draw a bellybutton as viewed from above, as in the larger background view, but I'm pleased with how her bellybutton looks from both viewpoints.

@zuitl oh wow, I love it! Your style greatly reminds me of an artist I followed years ago who went by Scribblekid

I guess I haven't mentioned the original artists identity yet? Mia is indeed one of Scribblekid's O.C.'s, and this was my fanart shared on a forum we both visited. He loved seeing my version, and I enjoyed seeing the originals. I think Mia has a yuri friendship with another of Scribblekid's girls. The blue-and-white striped stockings, her panda doll, her hair-clip and her hair-band were all visuals I borrowed from his work and incorporated into my fanart.

@zuitl I didn’t realise Mia was one of his OC’s, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen his art, but this is honestly amazing.

If you told me it was one of his, I would have believed you. You nailed his style for sure.

Thank you! Yes, I tend to be an artistic chameleon, which is handy when I'm doing uncensoring or edits of other artist's work too. Here are 4 Mia images from Scribblekid himself! Mia usually wears only garters, but my image was based on the one time she wore striped thigh-high socks. Also, you'll see panda was already getting a "workout", but using his tail, in particular, was a touch I added.

@zuitl hah, yes I remember these! His art did improve as time went on, and especially after he stopped doing/publishing loli/nsfw. Your piece would fit right in with the work he was putting out in his (second? I think) attempt at doing a webcomic

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