Mokuba from Yugioh! He's so cute (and his seiyuu is the same as 99 Gonchan)  

im a himbo because my brain's too broken to think about anything non-horny

my hyperfixation is running dry which means im going to have to go back to attempting to draw and spiking my anxiety

i was about to go on a even longer rant about this shit but fuck twitter, draw peepee

"people have used cartoons to push propaganda and force ideologies against minorities" but thats reality affecting fiction. thats people literally using shit thats happening in their real, everyday lives to influence the content they produce. its not right, but youre clearly looking at this upside down?

being overly concerned with what other folks do as they harm No One seems like a full time job with no pay id rather do something more worthwhile

its absolutely gucci, ill go on to consume whatever fucking media i want knowing that its just that

absolutely lovely seeing more fiction = reality shit on twitter today
"heres one instance of fiction equaling reality so fiction really does equal reality!!" shut thef fuck up

i dont know if this is just word salad buzzing around in my brain but it just confuses me how a lot of people on twitter advocate for the rights of sex workers but hate nsfw artists. i dont even need to go over why mass reporting nsfw artists is bad bc im just preaching to the choir but its not fucking consistent. dont put people's livelihoods in danger, man




its more fun if u both cum so u can be a shaky mess together

its been almost a year since i opened baraag so hi everyone
i still love boys and their dicks and pussies which is all that matters

im back from hell which implies im out of hell which

フロイくんお誕生日おめでとう!活躍が楽しみ #イナズマイレブンオリオンの刻印

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