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And one last commission from my brief opening. Ash has lost many many battles and knows the drill

I'm going to open 3 commission slots! $40 for a colored single character drawing, with a simple background, as featured below.
For this first round no OCs please.

Message me through baraag if you're interested!

A jungle boy appeared and I had no choice but to draw him

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Reminder that antis seek out content that upsets them because they get a dopamine boost out of their righteous outrage. No logic will sway them because their dopamine rush hinges on the content being offensive to them.

When people starved for dopamine find a way to get it, no matter how absurd, they will return to it again and again. Ironically they need the content they hate to exist because without it they can't get that rush they're so addicted to.

Hmm... I had a kinda big brain moment.

So it's well known the porn industry is awful and coercive to it's actors, doubly so for sex workers. At it's worse it's complicit in sex trafficking.

Shota, while certainly deviant, isn't even big enough as an industry to exploit artists, and involves no one but a consenting consumer and the artist. It has never been linked to grooming or exploitation of minors.

Shota is actually one of the most ethical forms of porn you can consume.

I drew this to try to turn a friend into a furry. It didn't quite work but I feel like I got a foot in the door.

For followers that are watching my twitter; yes JT is blatantly aged up TJ from recess. I thought I could slide under the radar because horny people aren't known for their acumen. But shhh, I'm in deep cover as a yaoi artist on twitter.

sunday boxstar update brings some slutty streamer timmy turner. I'll still be making plenty of free content, but I gotta tease a little.

Heya, I'm starting a subscribestar with @boxtop where we'll each put new art up every sunday. If you like our art it's a great way to support 2 artists for the price of one. There's already some art up for free if you'd like to take a look.

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Oh, finally something I can post to both baraag and twitter. You guys get the version without hastily added leg hair to prove that he's totally 18.

Uh there's a powerpack comic where spiderman is turned into a kid and wears jack's clothes and uuuh

crime doesn't stop just because your suit is in the wash. These are the moments that define a true hero.

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