Im gonna do an obscure waifu prompt list again for october. give me reccomendations

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@yev_san Saiko, from the yandere horror game Saiko no Sutoka. She has like three different versions of herself, regular yandere, costume yandere but extreme lol and soft kind yandere. She be perfect for the October vibe

@yev_san Atomic Betty isn't that obscure but I feel she could use more stuff

@yev_san Any of the Waifus from the Not Sonic game, Freedom Planet (Lilac, Carol, Milla, Neera).

@yev_san Is there any guidelines or requirements on this before sending something in?

@yev_san Oh and of course Sorlag from Quake 3/Quake Champions as well.

@yev_san Boomer, from the early 90's Burger King Kids' Club adverts... How's that for obscure?

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