btw this isn't spinel. it got tagged as her on rule34.

I was bored and edited the little info tab to look more cute. but that's enough non-drawing posts, I'll try to make and post some stuff tomorrow.

maybe I can just have a MEGA download link or something similar, and give people the folders with all the png files of the pages. wouldn't be super streamlined as just accessing it on a website, but it would do the job. anyways that's all I have to say about that. suggest some good sites if you know any.

I know I could just post individual pages on these social medias, but I kind of want them to be organized. where people can real them like you would on something on all those free manga sites (mangapark, mangareader etc.)

I dipped my feet into porn comics with those grog pictures I did, and I wanna go all in. I was talking on discord with people if there was a good site, and the only ones we found had the scrolling layout, which is designed for phoneposters. I get a lot of people use phones but cmon who uses a phone to coom? feels uncomfortable and annoying to me. honestly I just really dislike the scroll format. panels feel like boxes stacked on top of eachother, which feels a lot more basic and limiting.

was baffled to find no art of this cutie from the last r&m episode

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