does anybody have this tablet? I've had it for 2 days, and it's making a high pitched buzzing noise, from where the usb plugs in. I tried googling and can't find anyone with the issue

gonna do some more traditional for a while before I get a new tablet. I think digital has made me too careless with my line making. I have to be more careful with a real pen

pen on paper, then colored it digitally. I was watching a spongebob vid, and they mentioned season 2 being traditionally drawn, but colored on the computer, and I thought I'd try that, with my tablet broken and all. I think it could help train me to be more confident with my lines

welp, my tablet seems to have broke. it kept on disconnecting, if the usb just slightly shifted. I may have seethed too much, and made the issue worse, trying to force it in. I tried other usb cables and they all acted the same, so it's the tablets fault.

give me prompts. doing a bunch of sketches, to then finish later

I attempted to animate. I'm linking since it won't let me upload the gif here

a bunch of peri sketches. originally did 4, but ended up doing way more. will finish these at some point

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