did my own concept of what g5 could look like. looks really similar to how g4 already looks, but its kinda hard to improve on g4

finally got around to watching mlp again!! it's holding up pretty well so far. I'm only 11 episodes in, and I started almost a week ago, so it's gonna take a bit to get through. watching about 2-3 eps a day at the moment

ok thats enough of this for tonight. these things are kind of overpowered

decided to make more of these, its actually pretty fun designing these guys. still don't even know what their species is called. the tiny text was hard to read, so I had to make a zoomed in version. dang social media and their image size limits!

here's a non anime girl drawing for a change. this is an enemy concept I was thinking of earlier today, for my minecraft clone concept (it probably wont be an actual thing, its just me fantasizing about game ideas)

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