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And now let me introduce you, or re introduce you if you followed my Pixiv, to these lovely set of witches.

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The original set with it's five strips, and the protagonists of October's coming shenanigans, in a collaboration project with @NPCBurner

So here are the first set, and get ready for more magical adventures!


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Well, finally (and I do mean finally, jeez...) we come back to the Bright Darkness saga!

Sequel to The Priestess and the Witch, comes

Bright Darkness: Heretic Whispers

This will be a weekly series, and we start off with 4 pages for your delight!

Also, while you're here, don't forget to check @NPCBurner who's done the job of editing as he has in the past, and for more loli-shota goodness!

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Ok' let's get this party started.
Eventually I'm gonna upload EVERY pic I've made here, but for now, I'm starting with Lovin'Sis

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I almost feel like I should put some sort of "info-hazard", since it relies a little on one of those "if you know you *know*" jokes, and if you don't but you learn, you'll never see Vaporeon the same way again.

But this is Baraag so, you're cursed already anyways.

Alrighty, incredibly long weekend just started, and seeing as how I won't be able to work, I loaded a few doodles to my phone to publish here and there whenever I take a break.

Oh look at that, it's Black Friday.
Bought myself a scanner online, but if any of you actually go to a shop... treat each other, and specially the store clerks, nicely. No one, on any end, enjoys being a part of this mess we've gotten ourselves into.

Woke up to a bunch of people praising the alien ladies.
Well, I have some time before I have to start working!

Meet the Star Drifters!

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Looks like they're asking for nominees for the Steam Awards, and like every year, I make a lot of shitpost nominations for fun.
But what really got me this time, is that, apparently, the only "new game" (as in, released this year on Steam) I played was the Hentai JRPG Dungeon Town.

Sadly you can't nominate the same game for various categories, because I'd have laughed my ass off seeing every one of my nominations that game XD

Outside of that I just bought a couple DLCs. Saving the big bucks.

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Pages 253 and 254!
So comes the morning for everyone.

There is a timeline where y'all got left on that first page cliff hanger for a week.

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By the way, I'm working on a double update for Lovin'Sis because apparently it's going to be a busy weekend XD

It's been yeas and I still don't know how I actually put this one together...

Guys guys, I am NOT making a story out of the red hair loli; if I actually made stories out of every random characters I doodle for fun, I'd get nothing else done...

More so than that, you like her? Use her; she's all yours.
This is something similar to a thing I am doing in DA; were I will be posting about abandoned ideas I have no issue with people just lifting up wholesale.

So she's literally free real state!

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Thing. Why? Because!

Actually I was experimenting a little with switching the way I do lineart and coloring for the fun of it.

Happy PPG 23rd anniversary!!!

One of these years I'll remember the date on my own, instead of some of being reminded by others (in this case Ach).
Luckily for me, I always have around 10 PPG pics on different levels of competition.

Like I’m pretty sure that 10.7% attraction to “men” was because I agreed that muscular bodies are attractive.

Also, “balanced” Dominance Axis? Me? I’m such a fucking sub, dude.

Also also, “balanced” Deviance Axis? HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT I DRAW?

Also PS: True, I am pretty open to casual hook ups; but that’s when I am outside of a relationship.
When I’m being serious I’m monogamous as fuck.

I guess an about-10 questions test can really read a person's nuances correctly. Crazy that.

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Page 252... but again.
"Oops" indeed.
Don't mind me; just.. forgot the tan.
Again... AGAIN.
(also fixed some dialog).

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