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Hello, ok today is about the new censorship about a social media site (parler),is about political extreme radical people. I don't know that thing exists before, until the attack. Amazon kick down their service. I don't like how the service providers are the new netwatch police and this is terrible, because today is far right but tomorrow could be baraag.net. I recommend you be far away from digital corpos , some ideas : github.com/tycrek/degoogle/blo

#politics #censorship #corporations 

@Lust3D It's not really censorship for a private company to enforce their Terms of Service that everyone agrees to when they sign up, or for them to not want to associate with groups that could be a danger to their business.

It IS a problem that two or three megacorporations are allowed to control a vast swath of the internet and telecommunications, however.

Some megacorps need to be broken up and their reach reined in a little.


#politics #censorship #corporations 

@ToonLink @Lust3D The only problem with that idea is that they'd only split up "on paper".

Web 2 1 1

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@ToonLink @Madfan @xiaod1 I will cool down the theme because I can't write much right now. Thanks you for coming, is great see you here. Everybody must think about this sometime, the corpos are here for stay, and we must be a bit rebel on ourselves for take a change.Actually is an actual meme thanks to the game, but it was an idea, and represents a fight, not with violence, against who wants to control everything.Hideo Kojima in Snatcher attach.

#cyberpunk #censorship #corporations 

@Lust3D I love when people remember the 'punk' in [X]punk. :D I like solarpunk, but cyberpunk is important and relevant especially now and I think they can work side by side.

Thank you for this post!

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@xiaod1 @ToonLink @Lust3D I heard an interesting idea recently, which is both scary and tempting at the same time: Turning and into public utilities ran by the state.

On the upside, this would likely mean less over political matters. On the downside, it would probably mean Victorian puritans imposing new bans and attacks on to "protect the children" (from imaginary dangers) and whatever else lies in their heads.

#politics #censorship #corporations 

@MirceaKitsune I'm not sure about Facebook and Twitter, but there's talk of turning internet providers into a public utility.

Some towns have already taken steps to build their own municipal providers to compete against large cable companies that rely on monopolistic reach to push up their prices and throttle services when it suits their business.

It's much harder to find new a ISP in many places than to build a decentralized social media platform, after all.

#politics #censorship #corporations 

@ToonLink Sounds good to me. The first step would be to get back: That will ensure no can block and censor any website. As long as that's guaranteed, anything that makes the connection faster and more efficient is welcome in my book.

#politics #censorship #corporations 

@MirceaKitsune Absolutely. Net Neutrality is essential, as are the points you mentioned in your earlier comment about the government passing censorship into law. That's the scary shit.

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