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Urgent uspol: DMCA violations might land you in prison (please boost) 

Yes, DMCA violations may land you in prison for up to a year. They would also be classed as a felony, which among other things would make it so you aren't able to vote.

This modification to the DMCA was silently slipped into a stimulus bill which is being voted on in **two days**.

Here is a video with more information: invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=

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Earlier today i was attacked by a vicious pitbull. It killed my puppy, my fingers are fucked up.I dont know if they caught the dog or the owner.I lost a good friend today, i wasnt strong enough to save her.

PLease if you are apple , help me i cant deal with more medical bills, i run on thin margins im going to take a break from art for a while.

please share, please donate i really need it right now. i dont even think the cops are capable of doing their job.


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Okay, redhead with glasses and freckles, cute toes, loli... you're hitting a whole bunch of my yes column with this one.

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