@wysteria Elves are meat toilets, no exceptions. She better put down that bow and pick up an orc cock.

@Madfan agreed, these primitive elf natives are too brave for their own good!

she'll soon know what the business end of an invader's cock looks like, and feels like!

@wysteria she is so CUTE! Wonder what sort kinky and devious adventures she鈥檒l go on馃槏

@wysteria I love that cute look of concentration on her face as she practices her shooting. The girl is very lovely, and despite her super skinny body she look amazing, with such a nice body. Lovely work on her hair too, with the braiding/corn rows adding some nice charm on top of the golden highlights. Neat job on the well-placed metalwork on her (purely ornamental? 馃榿) ensemble. Thanks for letting us watch her learn.

@wysteria Love it!
And was that a hint at a potential follow-up to this piece in the future? 馃憖

@wysteria This character('s?) style reminds me of 銇亹銇亹 if you know who that is

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