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loli in bikini ๐Ÿ‘™ x2

Kinda unfinished, but I dont have the energy to bring this to completion

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Dashboard FE Weekly Digest

What's new this week in #DashFE:

- Added an icon which you can hover to see a preview of the post that is being replied to.
- Added a menu to each post with some useful links, gonna add more items soon.
- Reorder uploaded images by dragging and dropping inside the upload box.
- Changed the way notes (rts and faves) are displayed when in single post view.
- Squashed some bugs.
- Changes and improvements to stylesheet.

What's left to do:
Still a lot of stufft! But mainly i want to enable paste-to-upload in all browsers, add the emoji/mention autocomplete and optimize the layout for mobile as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your comments, suggestions and reports, everything you say is taken into account when working on the next features, keep tuned for more! :)



: Ash
This was a hard one, I went from ash, to cigarettes, to that one scene from that movie, and finally connected to an idea Iโ€™ve had for a juvenile delinquent character Iโ€™ve now decided to name Ashley โ€œAshโ€ Kelly.
I think I captured the essence of the character early on so I kept the drawing as loose as possible. Think sheโ€™ll crack under the interrogation or are her defenses impenetrable?

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