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Thank you for visiting my account! :blobheartcat: This is a pinned message.

This account is 100% 3D CG fantasy! I do not condone real life child abuse.

If you want to commission or just want to support me, check out my fanbox:

Or consider a CryptoCurrency donation:

For non-loli content check out my HentaiFoundry:

Or my Rule34:

Enjoy and have a great day! :blobcat: Contact me with any questions.

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I'll be trying more writing this year. Just dropped some new short stories on the Fanbox. Don't expect literary masterpieces, but it's a bit of fun storytelling with the pics.

Locked behind the ($5) paywall for now because the internet always punishes me for not locking shit behind paywalls :blobcoffee:

I'm not on here as much anymore since I started working on my mental health. I feel fucking amazing, better than ever, but everytime I log on here I feel like coming home.

Just seeing all these beautifully fucked up pics full of crazy extreme loli fantasies posted by all these genuinely nice people is just such an amazing feeling. It's the one thing I have to hide in my daily life and it feels great just to be here and scroll.

So once again, thank you all. Have a quick pic I did recently.

'Twas a good night
(content warning: drugs and passed out lolis :blobsmirk: )

Also I'm probably getting a PC upgrade this month :blobheartcat: A friend has upgraded and I'm grabbing his old parts for cheap. This means I can finally improve render times and hopefully render like 10+ fully done pics that currently make my PC crash.

But until then, have this old backlog pic that nicely shows the render capabilities of my current setup (meaning jack shit) :blobcoffee:

Posted another (very) short story on the Fanbox. Haven't been keeping up with it properly for a while but I miss writing these backstories.

Still, never sub to the fanbox expecting a steady content stream. You do it to support my filth and the stories are just a little bonus πŸ™‚ New pics will always be freely available.

I had so much fun making these. Little toddler slut using her body weight to force every inch she can into her tight asshole, making sure to milk that massive cock for every drop of jizz it has πŸ’¦

Susy has discovered Instagram and is on a fast track to getting her little 9yo ass banned!

Big dick futa teen? Big dick futa teen.

I'll admit... One of my favorite parts of doing 3D is shaping those big, veiny, floppy cocks. Adding just that bit of length, balancing it with the width and perfecting the balls.

I swear I'm not gay! I just fucking love cocks :blobcat: Okay, maybe I'm a little gay. 🌈

Woo, I actually made stuff! Went with the classic first. My favorite little pair. Quick to render and always fun to play with that ridiculous size difference.

Made a few more, including some crazy futa stuff, but those will need some editing still.

Goddamn I miss making content. I've been on this really weird, intense but fun spiritual journey over the past months. I'm cutting down on porn and stuff but I do really miss making fucked up shit. That'll always be a part of me. I just don't want to let it rule my life anymore, as that didn't make me happy at all. Gotta find balance. :blobcat: Hope to be able to post something again soon!

Not mad at all of you. I love all of you :blobheartcat: This place understands and very much proves that having fucked up fantasies says nothing about you as a person. I met so many amazing people here that would probably get lynched if they ever told their fantasies in public while people who do horrible things in real life get away with it and are even idolized for it. Just because they don't fantasize about little girls. Fuck that.

I'm done now. Have a grainy old pic I never got to re-render

God fuck I hate this entire fucking society so much sometimes. People get so fucking worked up about all the wrong things while either closing their eyes to or actively helping to create so many actual problems hurting actual people.

Sorry. Just really pissed off about this stuff lately.

So, is there a way to lock my account to followers only including already posted stuff? I'm satisfied with my current following tbh and I just wanna post in peace without dealing with these tiring dickheads.

Racist antisemitic Qanon human trash that actually hurts people with his horrible opinions and worldview gets offended by harmless pixels, part 987

Sorry for the absence. I'm going through a strange time of personal transformation feeded by both tragedy and weed. It's pretty amazing but it's definitely taking my mind off porn stuff.

No worries, this isn't gonna turn me into a normie. Part of the transformation is letting go of the shame of making loli content and accepting that it's okay as long as I'm not hurting people. And I'm not.

As usual I won't rant without a pic, so here's an old one I made in my first month or so of 3D'ing.

Made a little fake blog post on my fanbox. Seemed like a fun way to flesh out the Cindy character some more, give her a backstory to how she became such a dirty little whore.

Sorry for the lack of new pictures btw. I am enjoying writing a lot and my PC is literally dying, making rendering harder and harder. If only I didn't have to take out a mortgage to get an upgrade these days πŸ’Έ

I guess I "forgot" to censor the pictures inside my latest Fanbox short story :blobwhistle: Didn't think Pixiv would find out but I guess they did.

Will re-upload soon. I wonder if Japan is ever going to stop with these ridiculous censorship laws. It's 2022, give it up already with the fear of dicks.

New short story on the Fanbox, made to accompany one of my very first image sets :) It's not a loving softcore story, if anyone even expected that from me.

Gonna hopefully post more soon. Going through a shitty time right now with lots of loss and I like using my fucked up fantasies as escape.

Lowanna teaches Maali that even underwater creatures, no matter how scary they might seem, need some love.


Also, many thanks to everyone that subbed to my fanbox :blobheartcat: I'll do more stories and will try to think of other fun ways to add content without withholding pics to the public.

I'll be trying more writing this year. Just dropped some new short stories on the Fanbox. Don't expect literary masterpieces, but it's a bit of fun storytelling with the pics.

Locked behind the ($5) paywall for now because the internet always punishes me for not locking shit behind paywalls :blobcoffee:

Hoping to get a proper new PC somewhere near the end of this year. Not only my renders are suffering from my shitty hardware, my gaming is as well. Sucks that a proper future-proof rig for both will cost me upwards of $4k these days πŸ’Έ

Also, new non-loli (futa) stuff is now on my Slushe:

Been messing around with render settings and filters and this is kind of a fun look. Looks a little bit drawn instead of 3D. Obviously it's not drawn as I can't even draw stick figures properly.

This one took 4 minutes to render instead of many hours. Could be a way to get back to making content without sacrificing too much time and power.

Guess I'll do a bit of both depending on how intensive a pic is.

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