Page 010

The imp stays hidden and watches them until he suddenly hears a noise from across. It seems to be the mouse from before! Also, some other stuff is going on, I guess.

Page 009

The imp runs away from the mouse fast. Once he caught his breath, he sees something in the distance.

This is the prologue of a Webcomic series called . Once the introduction is done, the first chapter is going to start.

The themes in this series are Slice of Life, Cubs, NSFW and various fetishes I want to include.

I hope you will enjoy this little series once it gets rolling. :D

Decided to draw one of my OCs getting something on his face. Something he enjoys in his pastime I suppose.

Page 008

The imp aimed for the head of the mouse, threw it with all his might and hit it perfectly. He quickly ran away to hide the traces.

Page 007

After eating most of the berries from the bush to still his hunger, he notices and follows the mouse.

Page 006

Since the imp searched pretty much everything in the hut, he decides to jump out of the window to get to new places he hasn't been before.

Timbo1998 was the raffel winner over on Inkbunny. I rarely draw female characters, but it was still fun to do. :D

Here's my sheet if anyone is curious to know. For any questions, feel free to ask me. :D

I tried sketching something quick for practice and came up with Tiktik.
It's an enemy from Hollow Knight, which I thought could be interesting to draw. :D

Mew in Space

Mew floating in the atmosphere. I always wanted to draw Mew and now I did. :D

Page 005

The Imp quietly takes the 10 gold coins and puts everything back into its original place. He thought that the creature might have something and decides to strip-search him carefully. Unfortunately the creature has nothing on him.

Page 004

The Imp quietly searches the place but doesn't take anything so far.

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