Prostasia needs help to raise funds for a study on loli/shota. The purpose is to challenge the widely held belief that viewing loli & shota leads to an increase in the sexual abuse of real children.

A scientific study proving that loli/shota has no influence, or even decreases the amount of child sexual abuse in society would deal a huge blow to those that would take away our right to free expression.

Prostasia has collected $1,300 of the $15,000 they need so far.

MacCookies and MacBuns. Idea shamelessly stolen from Raisins series and someone who came up with Peckers

give me some trans and nb naked kid drawings will ya pls

Suck ya girl's titties that's literally what they're there for

i want more trans lolis!! i wanna see more lil girls with peepees pls

@bandaidwitch Living out of the way in a commune as part of a giant incestuous clan where everyone just fucks everyone and has no concern for what the rest ofthe world thinks.

Genderbent Shana surprised to find a dick between her leg and then promptly trying out the possibilities ov o

Super nice art by @crybleat !! β™₯

Quickie of Timmy from the Christmas Special, Timmy's Gift: A Precious Moments Christmas.

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