@wangdangle Amazing work! Very lyrical, the atmosphere conveyed is amazing ♥

@wangdangle So gorgeous while not being overly explicit. Overall very ephemeral. The naughty bits are just a nice bonus :3

@Lunaria @wangdangle That's how it should be.
Art should not force sex nor hide it.

@wangdangle gosh, this is so pretty 😭
best artwork I've seen here so far ❤️

@wangdangle This is so beautiful, so serene! I could hear the music, I could feel the wind, I could dance in the scenery... I almost didnt notice the best boy bits in view, ready to be ogled as we listen to his beautiful song.

@wangdangle Really beautiful WD the lighting makes it so amazing

@wangdangle like no this is actually breathtakingly beautiful Wang, your art is leaps above most!!!

@wangdangle Not gonna lie, Wang. You probably just inspired my next D&D character. ... That I'll never have the chance to play.

This is so beautiful! Simply gorgeous! 😊❤❤❤❤❤

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