Shotas are smol and weak and make for shitty knights so they have to utilize a radical version of tank and spank to take down beasties.

@wangdangle :blobsweat: :blobdrool:

Just think, they have to Train for this. Just imagining some gruff knight fisting a shota, yelling "Clench those ass muscles boy, you want to keep that werewolf cock in you, knot or no knot."

As usual, your art is so blazing hot that I want to spend the rest of the day getting off to it. :blobsweat:

@carcon It's true, training is long and tough and only the cream of the crop make it into the order.

@wangdangle That's a radical approach but I think it should work. You can tell the bravest warriors because they walk a little funny. :P

@wangdangle He at least must have some tanky guts to hold the aggro for so long

@Lunaria of course, he's had lots of training and experience.

@wangdangle They have to have strength in numbers so they can wear the beast down by letting it pump them all full

@wangdangle I love this concept. That big ol' monster has a lot of HP and blue balls. The knights know they'll each have to take a turn being cored out like an apple, hoping they can take him down before his balls run dry — otherwise he'll leave then worn out and exhausted while he goes to find his friends :)

@wangdangle Restraining myself hard to put this mildly: I love the bowlcut-ish hairs you do. Its a massive kink of mine and I absolutely enjoy seeing new stuff from you. Thanks and hugs!

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