for some reason, I'm killing myself by the most painful way, color comic!
I hope I'll update it on my Fantia/Fanbox soon.

A while back I asked my followers in twitter to make requests using only emotes...

This is the results. :blobartist:

"GUUUYS!! Timmy and coach already started without us!!"

"Wot? That skank! It was my turn today to go first!!"

Tahiti branch of The YMCA. Sand so fine you won't even feel it chafe when it gets everywhere... apparently.

Done for @Littlerager 's Hot Boy Summer project. Check out the art by other great artists here:

Even months after getting married to Vincent, Alex always made sure to wear a condom when fucking him. Frankly, the jock wanted to enjoy one year or two more of rough, bed-breaking sex with his boywife and very few responsibilities. They could have a baby later, he thought… but Vincent had other plans! 🤭

Studies report that nerdy types are usually the most degenerate.

Hey everyone! My bf is moving out from a difficult home situation so if you could commission either him or me that would be awesome, ill pass the money to him, and help him buy furniture and appliences heres a link to our discord->
retoot if u can

The traditional way every new pokemon adventure begins. Every professor has to prepare their new prospect for the trials and tribulations ahead. It's a dangerous world of pokemon out there. >.<

Depending on how well this set does, I might do a sequel when the game comes out or we get more information.


Lucas having car troubles on the road trips with boys, since there's some downtime till roadside service come 😈

Art by @wangdangle

Today marks the 5th year anniversary of and the community we have here. Without the support of everyone, I would not have the resolve to fight back against those that have been relentless in their attempts to take us down.

I hate to have to beg or make a plea for donations. But I am getting stretched thin with work and the upkeep costs for this server. At the rate of growth we are experiencing, we will need to upgrade our server setup by the end of this year to keep up.

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