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Happy Pi Day everyone! Take this pic of Pumpkin Pie Cookie. uwu

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Age-gap, loli 

Onion wanted to play dress up.

Thank you to one of my friends because we had this idea come up during a chat and now, a year later, I drew it.

Also, headcanon, Purple Yam being really bad with all of the younger cookies except Onion. He yells and swings his mace at ghosts that hang around her. Pretty much repelling them with his vibes alone. He wouldn't admit it, but he cherishes her dearly. Onion trusts him with her life and hopes to be as brave as him one day.

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โš ๏ธshota 

The licorice ate his mushrooms

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Loli, shota 

They'd be really cute together. Probably drive Birthday Cake a little crazy, but they'd be having fun at least.

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underage, rape 

Iโ€™m at it again with my cookie run bullshit

This time, ice captain violating minor butter pretzel for her own sick pleasure๐Ÿ’–

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