Last of the pyschonaughts set. Sorry it took a while to post, I have been sick recently.

Raz's little sister is really cute and really flexible. A great combo. The second game is really fun.

From Soulcentinel.

Violet and Jessy getting some sun.
Original sketch by Soulcentinel.
Colors by Waketab.

Some more doodles and stuff from our Substar, featuring Jeanette and the twins from Drawn Together.

This is maybe why child geniuses should not be let into collage until they are actually a bit older... Or maybe not.

made by Soulcentinel

Violet turning herself into a nice cozy outfit for Jessy, with benefits. I think I forgot to upload this like... over a year ago? Hm.

Made by Soulcentinel
Color by Waketab

Mitchells vs the Machines.
Cute nerd who is obsessed with dinosaurs and all things dino related. Her parents are... very supportive of her interests.

made by Soulcentinel

Feral Stitch enjoying the tropical sun down at a little private beach near the house.

Drawn by Soulcentinel
Commission from Waketab

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