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Merry Xmas ya filthy animals, from Santa Frank Murphy & his Fagbaby son billπŸ˜ˆπŸŽ… This Badass Raunchy XXXmas commission is done by the Great @xxxRelampago on Twitter P.S. see if you can find the hidden dtails.

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All Men and boys are welcome in Father Nappa's Church! Where true salvation and everlasting Love is Found.

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Little Bill Murphy loves being a altar boy in Father Nappa's Church. There's nothing more fulfilling then serving all the men in the congregation

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shota rape 

Nappa loves Raping Boypussy on every planet he conquerors. But he takes an extra special liking to a Half Saiyan Fagboy Gohan. Looks like Nappa found his new Breeding Bitch. Artwork done by the amazingly talented @GoldenExNSFW on SoFurry & Twitter

Lazy stylization: Phil and Luke Dunphy from the Modern Family

Write down below which fathers and sons (real people) you would like to see in this style.

~ Wilden The Whimsical was no joke in bed :V

available @ /

for $1 Tier/Plan* during the first week ^^!
for any $5 Tiers/Plans unlimited + Low Res ^^!
for any $10 Tiers/Plans unlimited + High Res ^^!

*Teaser Only if NSFW/RAW!

Characters by Onward;

I wanted to draw John and Takashi being cute without any lewdness going on for a change. The do legit love each other, especially after breaking their curse, and occasionally they use their free time for things that aren't degenerate activity.

Maybe it's a poor move to try and portray a couple degenerates with a history of serial assault and rape as cute, but I'm like a dad and love all my creations.

🍊 Taking care of the Dragon Balls πŸ‘πŸ’¦

Gohan and Vegeta were taking care of the Dragon Balls while Krillin is bringing Dende to ask the wish. I guess Vegeta still got some energy before taking a nap lol

Everyone seems to have their own sona type characters, so here's mine!

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