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Merry Xmas ya filthy animals, from Santa Frank Murphy & his Fagbaby son billπŸ˜ˆπŸŽ… This Badass Raunchy XXXmas commission is done by the Great @xxxRelampago on Twitter P.S. see if you can find the hidden dtails.

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All Men and boys are welcome in Father Nappa's Church! Where true salvation and everlasting Love is Found.

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Little Bill Murphy loves being a altar boy in Father Nappa's Church. There's nothing more fulfilling then serving all the men in the congregation

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shota rape 

Nappa loves Raping Boypussy on every planet he conquerors. But he takes an extra special liking to a Half Saiyan Fagboy Gohan. Looks like Nappa found his new Breeding Bitch. Artwork done by the amazingly talented @GoldenExNSFW on SoFurry & Twitter

Tonight in the chat room, these sketches will be shared. The guys there usually meet around 6PM PST. If you missed last week's sketch dump, you don't want to miss this one.

More old uploads because I STILL really like this one in particular. Babies <3

More old OTP doodles. Some of the show's crew have described Eddy as "basically a cat" which is indeed a good way of putting it

"tox, you're a shotacon, make some shota art"

no actually i think i will simp for an anime hyena

I think I forgot to share my pictures of retro NES era link a million years ago. Gotta love that beak

New Malcolm in the Middle pack available!

43 image variants total of Malcolm and all the fellas having a good old bukkake in the back yard, and this time everyone gets a chance to be in the middle for once. Only $3.99 USD on Gumroad

The time has come! The Boys are back in town! Pin-up sketches of all 6 of your 5 favorite horror villains (Thanks for making that math complicated, Ghostface) with over 70 image files total! Features young shota versions of Jason, Freddy Krueger, Ghostface, Leatherface and Michael Myers! Only 3.99, get 'em while they're young and still easy to pin down!

May as well get this uploaded here. I HATE YOU BARA DAD!!!
Reggie takes his horrible son Ricky out on a camping trip, and a literal shot for shot remake of A Goofy Movie ensues

shota bondage mummification 

A group of boys learn the power of working together by getting revenge on their school bully. Turns out when you're a menace nobody will help you, even when mummified to the playground's slide for the weekend. At least he seems to be enjoying himself, despite how enraged he feels. :blobheartcat:

Hey guys. I now have a Twitter account.

All of my work on Twitter will probably be the same content you see here, just abit censored due to twitters policy.

I will be posting alot more Cub Furry as well.

See you there!

I miss the old fat dog site. Kinda want a super obese dog of my own

Luca: Ah, Gawd! Stop, it to big (groans)!!!

Alberto: You didn't say the safe word.

Luca: Silencio! Silencio!!!!!!!!!


Day 21 Black mail

They said follow them only one time, it'd be fun.

Well... this is the darkest of the month until now.

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