And here we go! Part one of Dash's Showertime Fun. Hmm, looks like Dash has gotten a little surprised by something. I wonder what it could be...
This series brought to you by the AMAZING @excelso36 Please support them however you can to keep them going. :blobheartcat:

Part 1/7

Like the ma- er, boy says, no sense leaving it half done. 😂 And here's to all the cuties on the baseball team!

Continuing this excellent series from @excelso36

Part 2/7


Big leagues indeed! Check out that size comparison! 🍆 Tho they might need another shower now.

Penultimate part of this series from @excelso36

Part 6/7

And here we are, the end of this wild little ride. :blobheartcat:

I really hope everyone has enjoyed this wonderful series from @excelso36 They did such an awesome job!

Part 7/7

@vDash245 @excelso36 awww that's really cute. Wasn't sure what happened in the last page till I went back. Was expecting full penetration but not mad. It's cute and we don't see enough hotdogging.

@CivilHeart_22 @excelso36 Agreed. I felt that in this stage of their relationship, Coach just wasn't ready to go all in with one of his students. So a happy compromise was made. 😆

@vDash245 @excelso36 that's fair. I kinda do wanna see more of these two. Maybe Coach sucking him off while fingering him.

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