@humbird0 I was going through the shit I did last year, and I thought that there was a possibility that you might kinda enjoy these.

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@urielmanx7 Neato!
I like the proportions of the 3rd picture. I've always been partial to 3-head-height proportions. Probably because it's similar to Chrono Trigger proportions.

The NES style sprites are actually kind of adorable.
... I think it's the eyes.

@humbird0 The first one is all the shit I did while on my trip in the world of Final Fantasy randomizer. Turns out it is pretty easy to insert your own sprites.
3 heads seem a happy middle for chibi characters. Actually that reminded me in the chibi edition of SpacEscape, not only did I made Chibitsuko 3 heads tall, also 3 tiles.

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