Just a few of the things that the bastards at pixiv set to private because I refuse to censor my shit.

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Lovely drawings! pixiv also told me to censor or delete my drawings last week. Lol.๐Ÿ˜‚

@urielmanx7 Most artists on Pixiv just upload pictures as a sequence with the 1st one being a censored decoy version and the 2nd pic being the uncensored version. So the thumbnail looks like they're following the rules.

@urielmanx7 @humbird0 holup.... you have to censor pixiv shit... I thought you just needed to label it as nsfw

@humbird0 @urielmanx7 yeah never understood that... you can have a manga of a demon wolf fucking a loli on a pile of corpses... but heaven forbid you draw a dick or vagina... Japan can be weird about things

@urielmanx7 Not related to Pixiv, but the cleverest "censorship" technique I ever saw was this picture.

@humbird0 It's a principle matter. I know the censorship is a law thing; and I know there are ways to bypass it; but I don't want to bend to some stupid arbitrary rule; just because it's a law, doesn't mean it makes sense.
Bottom line is I would never censor, unless it's part of the composition of the image from the start.

@urielmanx7 I generally agree. I hate polluting art with advertisement or censorship. I think that's why these subversive tricks delight me.

@urielmanx7 Given the choice, I prefer the approach of labeling things clearly. Let people know what they're in for and make it easy for them to choose what they want to see.

The idea was mostly inspired by trying to buy hentai VHS tapes long ago with nothing on them indicating what fetishes they have. Nothing ruins porn faster than a personal turn-off. I don't fault the creator for making it. I blame the lousy packaging. Labels are equally selling points and warnings. Everyone wins.

@urielmanx7 Chances are, the "bastards" running pixiv probably hate that law as much as everyone else. There's a lot of porn on Pixiv. But they gotta at least look like they're enforcing it or the site gets shut down.

@humbird0 Doesn't matter how justified the situation is, or if they literally have their hands tied, doesn't make it suck less.
Funny thing is, all those that got privateed, was because the views, I got plenty other shit that should be censored but since no one has noticed it, they remain safe.

@urielmanx7 Actually, wait... no the absolute cleverest fake-censorship trick I ever saw was this one! But it only worked in old versions of Internet Explorer because of the way old browsers highlighted selections using dithering.

@urielmanx7 Incidentally, I use a similar "decoy trick" with my website.

Decoy version

Real version

I send my friends the real link, but the web host won't suspect anything.

@humbird0 I can't even link my own, ppl keep telling me the shit doesn't load. Have to add an "s" to "http"

@urielmanx7 Not sure. Maybe that's a wordpress thing.

I coded my website from scratch just because I enjoy the programming. I don't think it needs https since there's no user input to encrypt anyway. It's a static site.

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