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Good job Urielman, keep doing shit you don't need right now instead of working on stuff that needs to be worked on...

My brain: "Make a thanksgiving draw of tsuko presenting herself, saying -I'm no birb, but you want to stuff me anyways?"
I hate you brain.

Recently I had to replay RE3R because the save was lost in the format shenanigans I had a while ago (I have it cracked, so saves are stored in C), and it made me think more on making a zombie enemy for the game, basically female science/researchers that are infected with some shit or something and want pussy cat juice.
Although not sure if this fits the overall feeling for the chibi game, for the remake sure, I will aim for a sci fi semi horror thing.

Just having fun with the whole "Mitsuko being bio engineered" so she like an android or something.

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