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@ungatox3 A Kitsu tribute to an adorable little girl. ❤️ 🥰

Once Kitsu found her tight little hole, she found herself among the clouds.

another commission from @CartoonPink
Cassie with her binky showing off her gumdrop nipps
a perfect daughter if i say so myself

a lovely tease image by CartoonPink and i will hope to commission again in the future, think its time to get a shot of her adorable prefect tush next


Yesterday, my man @nebbia released Annie. Normally putting girls this age into animations is not my thing. I attempted to make it as real as possible by her inexperience at pole riding, the PP pops out, he has to hold it to help her aim etc. I am not convinced a girl her age would be very skilled at pole riding. YET! 😎
Hopefully the realism I added, does not kill the immersion for you.
I also had to cut the video WAY down in length.😭

@qarth ? This is for you buddy....

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