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For anyone interested, all the commissions along with WiP that I have asked will be saved here: aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZHJvcGJveC5jb20vc2gvbGdzdmpubXlpMzhyNHljL0FBREJkcm1fRmxreFVmTnVwTHlaQm5GRWE/ZGw9MA==

Commission by P_Lov ([email protected]). Shortly after being caught by the talent scout, he asks Lucrecia to pose for a photo shoot near the river. While this happens, the first thinks about doing another photo shoot with an advertising context, taking advantage of his scantily clad model.

Commission by Shupitu-Laka ( "After being spotted by a talent scout for her peculiar outfit, he invited Lucretia to a photo shoot near the beach to promote a drink. The marketing department thinks that this move will be a success for the adult audience"

[Bacterial news] A friendly remainder that Steam is giving away some Tomb Raider games along with giving discounts on other Lara related games. Get them while you still can:

PSA Annoncement: Daily remainder to always research "Supplies" as soon as possible in AoE 2

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Commission by Katosei ([email protected]). "Uh oh. It looks like someone has been playing around in the supply box".

Commission by @Magnta555. Set after the stage incident and a convenient change of clothes, Hatuhatu found another candidate from whom to drink his love liquid, where they both hang out in a small elevation of land between the thickets of the jungle, which will conclude with a sex session between them. Her doll, who initially devised the sex plan from the beginning, remains concerned about her owner's dedication and what she is capable of doing to achieve her goals.

Commission made by @IAmOnTheBox, by the way thank you so much for the alt versions. "HatuHatu after entering the forest, manages to discover the whereabouts of the famous bandit queen Gray Grifter, who thought it was only an urban legend. Both girls without thinking too much, decide to share the treasure, all while a mysterious figure watches them from a distance".

Commission by TheTrashTrampoline#7857. Set shortly after the stage incident, HatuHatu is again invited to "walk" on a street near the highway.

Full Body comm for @ultrabacteria with Lucretia and my OC Xiomara. Looks like Xiomara went to a vacation to an exotic island and there she met Lucretia, happy to share with her the best way to enjoy the island and have a good time with the folk :blobcat_sip:

Commision by @Redkaze. Special thanks to @Doomguy. After being convinced by Lucretia to wear one of her clothes and to accompany her to the abandoned factory under the excuse of finding true love. Our friend Charlene did not expected that all this was a trick to be deflowered in one of the most romantic places in Easter Island. After getting away with it, Lucretia decided to make her company tasting the sausages she loves so much. Happy Valentine's Day.

I want to share with you guys something i found fascinating. An animatic done by Dustbunny Pictures based on a unused Tiny Toons music track.

Commission by Deri ([email protected] / Apparently Hatuhatu's stage plan was successful, beause two kind natives decided to help her, sharing their sausages to quench her semen thirst, all in a quiet forest clearing. Dollcretia for her part, is concerned about the extreme methods that her owner is capable of doing to achieve her objectives.

Doing another art raffle if anyone wants a chance at free arts/lewds 'n' stuff

Baraag follows/boosts count as part of the raffle, so feel free to test yer luck~

Commission by @Drantyno. The reason why HatuHatu wears different clothes in each sexual encounter: She has a handmade wardrobe adapted to her size, full of skirts and accessories for all occasions

Commission by @IAmOnTheBox. After the stage incident, our friend HatuHatu decides to rest in the tranquility of the jungle, letting her love fluids become one with nature, and by her expression she is recovered for another sex session. At the same time, it is revealed that she has never been alone, and was always accompanied by her lifelong rag friend, DollCretia.

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