My Three Nymphos Lily Model/bio sheet!

The younger of the two sisters(by 5 whole mins!) and some of her info and kinky background. There are also 5 more alts from the base poses that will be posted in may, however patrons/stars get access in high res now with no waitin! see profile if you want those links.

Coming up sometime soon, Mom gets her model/bio sheet.

1000+ followers! Thanks everyone for your support and interest! To celebrate the 1k mark I am giving away a pic. Comment on this post to enter, can be anything, just a way for me to track who wants to be entered into the drawing. Entries open until March 6th. On saturday the 7th I will randomly determine a winner and contact them to get the details for the pic.

# spreading

12 alts of Creamy Bunny and Marine racoon from the sonic games/shows. From the base image including clothes ripping, viginal blood/no blood, penetration, multiple penetrations, bulging bellies all the way through, preggo, birthing, egg laying. Public only gets the first three for now, the rest will be released in April. Patrons and stars get em all now.

Daisy bound up with a little more than jumprope this time! This is an Alt from some pics done for her bio sheet. There are a bunch more, including circlejerk bukakke, whole family watersports, double dildo toying with her sister Lily. These will post up in April!

Patrons and stars get early access to all the alts, and get them in high res! Links on my profile.

Daisy goin trick or treating(well its pretty much a default that its one over the other). Shes got a nice cavegirl costume right? She forgot about the family dogs love for a good bone tough!

The other alts will release in April, Patrons and stars get eary access to the alternate images! links in my account info.

My three Nymphos model/bio sheet for Daisy! Lily(the redhead) and mom will get a sheet soon as well!

digimon girls tfed into gazimon and put to work in a rolling rape truck, where it looks like they are the highlight of the event!

As usual, patrons and stars get everything in high res, and early access to any alts(on other pictures, this one does not have any other versions)

Imps having thier way with the Demoness Gilli. This is one of 10 Alts! The other 9 images will be posted to the public in april on my pixiv(where its easier to upload image sets).
10 alt images, each edited for adult, big dick shota and lil dick shota.

Want to see them earlier than that? Patrons and Stars get early access to all of the files.

And access to all the comics and pics that came before in high res as well.

Part of my backlog reparaitons, the annual girls transformed into futa reindeer christmas pic! Patrons and stars get 3 versions, loli, teen, adult breast alts, with a bells and no bells version. The other versions will post for non subscribers in april. :)

3 black lolis begging for their master to have his way with them. This is the base pic for a total of 21 varients on the base image, including preggers, toys, bondage, etc. The rest of the pics will post in April.

Don't wanna wait? Stars and patrons get them now, in high res, along with all of my other images and comics in high res.

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Her face when her daughter's panties are stuffed in her mouth and her little girl is about to take your massive cock

Pic of Ceagle, an anti-virus program in a setting where the programs and viruses all have human bodies, punishing a new, young virus.

As usual, patrons and subscribe stars get high res version!

WIP of a futa punishing a loli. In the setting virus and anti virus are shown as people and Ceagle, the futa is an antivirus punishing a new virus.

I'm also working on this right now, so if you want to hang out and chat while it gets colored, join us over on pomf:

Silver sables(that's multiverses for ya!)are back at it ... and this time they are giving Peni Parker a good talking to for not staying in her own verse.

WIP of a pic of futa silver sable getting rough with peni parker.

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1500 Follower Art Raffle!!!!

You crazy people did it, I hit 1500 followers today so I'm starting the art raffle!

Leave a comment to this post with your OC ref (or name of my OC) and a brief description of your idea and I'll randomize the winner (1).

Don't be creepy or rude.

Follow the rules too!

Ends 2/8/21 11pm PST

My characters:

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I had fun with this and it was a return to form. Considering I spent months doing nothing between my bunny girl and Jade. She is 'eager to learn'' as someone put it.

The Transformer is at it again, keepin lil ladies in his dungeon and breeding them. Will he ever stop? (we hope not!)

Bases on a pic from last year where the girls were selling themselves, we see that some time has passed and they were indeed bought and bred. Guess he passed on the teen in the original pic, but bought the girls mother(the gal in bug costume) as well.

My Three Nymphos part 13 complete! Whats a mom to do to keep her daughters from getting preggers when sleeping with daddy?

You can see the rest ofthe series in previous posts, and patrons/subscribestar get everything in high res in one handy zip file(along with all my other works!)

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I'm getting dangerously close to 1500 followers. I think I'll do a giveaway once that number's cracked. I really appreciate you guys giving me a follow and supporting the artists I boost/commission. Really glad to share this kind of content with you all.

TL;DR - Art giveaway at 1500 followers

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