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Well, drafted the first four chapters of β€œGoing Too Far”, a Carrie-esque series of demon summoning, transformation, and a lot of lesbian domination. Probably going to have vore, amputation, unbirth, body transformation, forced feeding, D/s, f-dom, supernatural beast.

@gentai Just need a coder who is passionate. Nice thing about open protocols.

Eventually, I'll write a bot for my game but... gonna be a few years.

@gentai The nice part of Matrix is that it can be distributed, so if you run your own server, it won't go down just ignored. Plus it has bridges to other networks and can sort of do voice if that is your thing.

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Tara in her formative years. Not my character but adorable all the same :blobkissheart:

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Just posted the final four chapters of In-Flight Service to my supporters. https://tsade.com/web-of-stars/in-flight-service/ (FF oral anal fist cons food, FF cons, MMF oral anal tentacle)

You can find #Patreon at https://patreon.com/tsade and #SubscribeStar at https://subscribestar.adult/tsade.

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Not sure if I screwed up my change of Misskey to Pleroma for @tsade@curiouscabbit.social but I think I'm never going back. I like this so much better. Just not sure if people following me will pick it up since that is my main.


@Wolfram The only way I could do it was to start celebrating mistakes. Those are the flaws that makes it distinctly me, something icky I could create.

And then I embrace it to do better next time.

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I just posted five chapters and 15k words to my subscribers.


So, if you fancy yourself a little Link/bokogoblin gang-bang, Forest Boss battles, or post-battle M/M domination, maybe check it out.

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And with that, a little 25k word story of jealousy, revenge, and demon summoning is complete. The last two scenes were rather brutal, but I really liked how it turned out for my patrons. The $5/month will get it in about ten minutes and the $1/month will be on Monday.

Chapter summaries httpsand scenes at


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From Twitter, a review:

Got a new review up! If you are into noncon, forced feminzation and D/s dynamics, this week's is a DOOZY. From the always sexy t'Sade is Derik's Luck, a high fantasy epic featuring a cornucopia of rough smut ;)


@Idiotnamedjanae The artist who does I Roved Out had a ko-fi but didn't post it there. They just send it to you after the fact or sell the password to get it, I don't remember.

I basically just sell passwords on my site because I like a centralized to post and don't want to ever upload something that will get me banned.

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Bah, I need to write porn before the end of the month, don't I? Can't be publishing books all the time... *cough* every ten years.

I love it when someone votes in a poll or hearts my patron posts. I get so little feedback that each one is like injecting crack directly into my veins (in theory, don't do drugs).

The day I discovered semantic releases and conventional commits is the day I realized I didn't have to have another orgasm again.

Want to, yes, but need to? Na. No greater joy than having a computer keep track of these endless versions for me.

There is a reason I don't release books often, so much fucking work.

But I just made the first fourteen chapters (40k words) available of Derik's Luck. So if you want to read an erotic story of a bishonen who ends up naked in a harem and forced to eat out the women to avoid getting caught, head over to tsade.com/nine-sisters/deriks-.

There is also magic, spanking, cross-dressing, fdom, and a few other ASSM-worthy keywords.

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