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You know ive heard of the term Self-insert and characters you put yourself into. But personally ive never understood the process of it.

Like ive never had the need to be another person or be in their shows especially fictionally. Like if I was imagining myself in a scenario with a fictional character id just include myself i wouldnt use some avatar to do it for me.

And even then most of the characters that are selft inserts are boring. Why would I want to be them?

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So I had this idea that Lemy hangs out with his friends at a junkyard, in like an old busted down bus. But for a while they thought the place was abandoned, until they met the owner.

This is Drew, he owns the junk Drew's sCrap. Yes, the Uppercase C is a typo he's doesn't give enough of a crap to fix. But after their first meeting him and Lemy are on pretty good terms so he's fine with them hanging out and leaving him alone.

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I found a drawing of Lyra and Lemy on a cute little date night, thought i'd add a little extra to it.

Why? Because look at this. Look at him, look at her, its fucking adorable.

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Despite all her on how unkempt Lemys hair is, she still loves the feel of it. He's her little buffalo pillow.

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This was the first Loan drawing I ever did. A lot of people at the time were drawing her around the same age as Lacy, Lupa and Liby, but I figured she'd be more interesting in a older design though her younger concept was cute too.

I imagined this manic looking 20 something year old girl with a lexicon of mental issues from anxiety to a fear of crowds.

Why she's like this is largely left up to interpretation. Though some have come up with some dark takes on it.

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You know, I sometimes take developing this kids a bit too seriously, like with concepts and characterization.

But sometimes for a lark you go ahead and give nicknames to three prepubescent boys abnormally large cocks.

This is my legacy, this is what their gonna find when anyone googles me.

. ?

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When Lyle was growing up he was coddled a lot, not just by his mom but his sister Liena too. He was much nicer kid back then but also pretty clingy to his mom and sister. To the point where he didn't trust anyone aside from them. Especially after the bullying.

But he's got a good head on his shoulders, definitely more independent nowadays but still able to come to them for comfort.

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One common misconception about Lupa is that she's depressed or edgy all the time. That's actually more like 20% of the time.

Another percentage she has good sense of humor, mostly the kind of humor where she watches stupid people doing stupid thing and laugh at how stupid they are. She has a kind of love for drama, tries to drag to the service for fun. As long as she isn't apart of the drama.

She also likes dark humor, Hench the shirt. Which is real btw.

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Now we get a lot of boy on girl in the sin kids. Which is great for lewds. But sometimes you wanted diversify, mix things up, now getting some girl on girl is obvious. But when you got three boys to choose from and not making some yaoi in there, well that would be a mistake.

But narratively Lemy is Bi compared to his brothers and like a good brother he gives back to them. But can take it too.

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When I first made Lemy, not a lot of people were fans of him. I didn't quite understand but from what I was told, it was either there was too much to his design or they didn't want a boy because he would just get shipped with girls. Which in both cases were true, I didn't care. I just wanted to make a character.

Same goes for Lyle who was just trap joke and Bobby who was a secondary character in the fanfic What She's been missing.

Now we got a your boy trio. Our shota Neapolitan.

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