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obviously for trans male that is a huge over-simplification but BASICALLY, a cuntboy is cis, he just has a cunt

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i love trans male characters but i also adore cuntboys to death

all i ask is that people remember the difference and stop conflating them (calling a real trans man a cuntboy is generally seen as a huge fucking insult lmao, we can reclaim it personally but don't call strangers that)

for the record, the difference is:

trans male -- assigned female at birth, has feminine hormones and body unless testosterone is taken

cuntboy -- assigned male at birth, has testosterone, but cunt instead of cock

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the ad bots on this instance are fucking bizarre

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crosspost from twitter:

trans track star and first year hanamura yosuke seduces and fucks his homeroom teacher, seta souji

reimob has no right being as fucking hot as it is

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i am pro-fiction, i believe the lolisho ban is stupid, BUT IT STILL EXISTS. you literally have no grounds upon which to complain when discord staff find you violating their tos and ban you

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you guys know lolisho is banned on discord, right? you know that if you share it via discord, staff might find it and ban you, right? like, when you agreed to their tos you knew this, yes?

please, god, if you want an IM service to share lolisho on, use telegram. it's not as robust as discord but unfortunately when a service you like has rules, you need to follow them :/

conservatives crying about shit on the timeline... lmao go back to /pol/ you fucking weenie

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"Smile for the camera, boy."

Decided to color my warmup sketch coz I liked it too much.

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i don't think i ever uploaded this sketch of my trans persona oc, raito izuminaga

it's a little old now but it's not bad

he wants to be some hot guy's pet uwu

psychonauts 2 spoilers, sorta 

when the archetype spoke for the first time i actually went "oh my god" and put my hand over my mouth

like, raz and zim having the same VA isn't something i think about a *ton,* but raz definitely makes some zim noises sometimes

and then his archetype literally has gir's voice????????

i love the archetype i wanna hug him

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