"tox, you're a shotacon, make some shota art"

no actually i think i will simp for an anime hyena

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Bedridden so have a few outfit practices feat. everyones' favorite sockhead. (You can always send me outfit suggestions for him provided my tablet cooperates)

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More old OTP doodles. Some of the show's crew have described Eddy as "basically a cat" which is indeed a good way of putting it

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More old uploads because I STILL really like this one in particular. Babies <3

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Art by @niichan !

1st pic: Henri tries to wash off in the river after a bloody battle, but Tenor's excessive thankfulness gets in the way.

2nd pic: The happy-go-lucky unicorn/siren boy Tenor loves to sing and dance, but the siren song makes everyone who hears it irresistibly horny. Tenor doesn't see anything wrong with it, but for some reason, Henri always gives him dirty looks after the orgy is over.

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cuntboy, shota 

was just goofin around but i ended up liking this boy a lot, new oc maybe :blobcatmelt:

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@cumheart yeo saw it on the tl yesterday

then checked and saw they hadn't actually recently joined. they've been posting for months. my dude????

i really, genuinely love this place

like yeah the 3D stuff is Not For Me but it's easy enough to avoid. and the like, generally welcoming atmosphere? the staunch belief in Your Kink Is Not My Kink And That's Okay? i mean how many sites can you join and automatically assume 90% or more of the userbase to be anti-harassment, pro-fiction sorts?

and all it takes is being largely used for kodocon... :stitch_laugh:

@k0yangi i honestly have no fucking idea

there are so many other instances too like. baraag is not one lonely site with all these cool mastodon features. there are places for you, strange anti

like good on you for curating your space or whatever but i this is like going to furaffinity and saying "furries leave me alone"

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imagine joining baraag and saying "no lolicons, shotacons, loli, shota, or proshippers can interact with me"

buddy. go somewhere else

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@NS seriously. like, you can't control how other people relate to or enjoy media, and you can't arbitrarily decide when it's okay and when it isn't. it just reeks of "it's only okay when i do it, everyone else is a freak"

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