I know, I know, I know, I'm always in your place
But don't you see, my dear?
I am your doppelganger
I have your face

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qpp and i are very into our au where yuu/souji/hayato are all triplets and are, in essence, different aspects of bancho

anyway yuu/souji is an obsessive, feral ship and i love it so fucking much

i don't think i ever uploaded this sketch of my trans persona oc, raito izuminaga

it's a little old now but it's not bad

he wants to be some hot guy's pet uwu

internalized homophobia? internalize this DICK, yosuke

drew art of my fursonas through the years, will post (unlisted) replies explaining each one

colored by my qpp ❀️
cw bruises, mild blood, implied rape

while i'm here, a few redraws i did recently of some pieces i used to be proud of

i sure have come a long way

some recent examples of my art that i'm particularly proud of

no porn or anything, but it doesn't hurt to have some current examples of my work lying around

me trying to figure out how to draw this little twat: "it'll be worth it, i'll be able to lewd him"

fullbody refs of riley and harrison

riley is short and has wide hips so clearly i was channeling horny energy when i drew him lmfao

riley and harrison are step-brothers, but they very much view each other just as closely as a biological sibling

which makes it all the more fun when harrison returns home from a trip abroad and riley got *hot*

i really need monster hunter friends

anyway here's the most worthless piece of shit monster i've obtained so far in mhs2

FIVE locked slots. FIVE. who gave you the right

i need to fix these up and finish them but let's just say i think zenshu is a VERY sexy pairing (characters from )

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