@MEATLOG yeah i was talking about like... real life? ideologies and paraphilias and stuff? not fictional kinks

i'm pro-fiction, there is no fictional kink i think is too extreme or bad or wrong

i would hope everyone here felt the same

@tox Don't you just hate it when you say something and someone thinks "Oh I'm gonna scroll back through your entire fucking timeline to find the one toot from over 2 years ago where you said something that may possibly contradict this!" ?

Twitter-style rubbish has no place here.

@advancedflea yeah lmao it's genuinely... kinda gross? granted it's my pinned toot because i thought the sentiment was important, but to look at that and think "ah yes, clearly he is talking about fictional kinks here"

i've def had people pull that shit on twitter though :/ i just didn't really expect it here if i'm honest

@tox I'll be honest I didn't notice it said it was your pinned toot xD but even so, yes that kind of nonsense is gross behaviour.

Same. I never expected it here. I think this is one of the places where we still have the ability to stamp out that fire before it takes hold

@tox I'll be real wit u chief I ain't even understand whats going on

I was scrollin thru the local timeline then I saw your toot so was like huh maybe his profile might have the context

So I saw ur pinned toot and was like damn I got da opportunity to do something epic

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