commissions are open, hit me with the dms! Im not opposed to doing most things but thrive with western cartoons/animals. willing to try most subjects at least once (aside from the no-gos listed)

gotta get mom's attention somehow when you're clearly not the favorite

Bartlisa based on the current ongoing @brotherzoned comic design! Been really invested in the updates :blob0w0:

assorted sfw sketches of various toh characters. more vee next season pls

haha woah forgot this site existed. i need to fix my meds and get my inspiration back for art, but will lurk for now :blob0w0:

thanks for the love on the recent piece! if anyone has any requests for eda & luz or just any western girls in general, let me know and I may do it :blobartist:

well! I'm attemping to use this place for the first time, here's some eda/luz content I had on my mind for a while :blobblush:


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