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I just wanna meet fellow people into , baby boys are my life~

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Today's pervy idea: baby bottles filled with daddy cum.

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Today's pervy idea: training your 3yo to be daddy's personal cock holder. Nothing like a small, hot, wet mouth to keep your daddy dick happy all day long. Let them get used to smelling your hairy daddy crotch all day, its where they belong.

anyone want to breed some baby's cunt and be abusive to it? HMU discord

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Rape, Asphyxiation, Hanging, Baby, Toddlercon. 

Hang in there baby! (KO-FI Goal)

It is not a goal that I intend to achieve, I know that, but I like having an incentive to do things, we see how much this works.

Let's Rape them all!

i need to stretch your hole over my big wet cock head

thickveinsdaddy#7121 Discord me,who wants to gay rp? im very open to any kinks

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