So close to posting the last chapter, and epilogue, on Arms and the Boy I can feel it. SO CLOSE. ( )

It has been so hard to care about anything lately, including finishing posting my art here from it's home on pixiv. The only thing I think about is working on a writing project that hasn't yet seen the light of day. is an interactive map of the fediverse. It’s a way to visualize and understand the communities that exist on here, and to help people discover new instances.

It’s a libre and open-source project & development can be followed on GitLab:

There’s a lot planned for the coming months, especially supporting more types of fediverse servers. Feedback is more than welcome — feel free to contact me here or on GitLab with ideas/suggestions!


pedophilia, MAPs, csa, long 


"Psst, Lightyear. If you think you can just show up and take our top prize spot? You're wrong!"
"You don't understand. I'm trying to-"
"Cheat the system? And get with a kid? Yeah, we know."
"No, I need-!"
"A child to shower you with unconditional love? Join the club, pal."

"I have a kid!"
"You got a kid?"
"Like a kid-kid?"
"Like a human kid? Not a baby goat?"
"We're getting a kid!?"
:proceeds to sing about it:

And of course:


@hushpiper A sampling:

"It doesn't matter how much we're played with. What matters is that we're here for Andy when he needs us. That's what we're made for, right?"

"Being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do."

“I can’t stop Andy from growing up. But I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

"Rumor has it they got two pinatas. That could be twenty to thirty kids!"
"Oh yeah, Combat Carl's gettin' played with!"

From a certain perspective, the Toy Story movies are an -experience-.

I have been in an art and writing and everything slump for so long now and it's still strange to feel -bored-.

....I completely forgot how much I loved this AU idea and now I can't stop thinking about it.....

End of the World
Post apocalyptic Mormor AU in which cunning little Jimmy takes advantage of Col. Moran’s survival skills, and Seb just…takes advantage.

Another 1k down on NFSR today. Getting there, ever so slowly, but getting there.

Question for Baraag: How is it that so many people here have Patreons without getting shut down and/or anonymity issues?

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