I'd been posting a few new pieces, but the old art upload continues.... And it is so awkward to look at old art. "Wow, why did I draw faces like that??"

I guess I might as well link it here too.

For those interested, I wrote an article on Prostasia about how embarrassing it is that we still have obscenity laws in 2021 and how they censor otherwise protected speech, and I threw 50 sources at it just for good measure.

You can read it here prostasia.org/blog/how-obsceni

Pierre Joubert Art Appreciation Post

Pierre Joubert (1910-2002) - was a French illustrator and comic artist. He mainly drew boy scouts and about scouting in general. I read somewhere that he popularized boyscouting and that boyscout look (short shorts, knee socks etc.) across Europe during his time. I've also noticed that there's a hint of homoeroticism in some, if not, most of his illustration.
He draws the best boy legs and flat tummies imho. Been gawking at his art for years now.

If anyone knows the painter of this masterpiece, please let me know!

Was thinking a young Alex Rider at first. Now I think he looks more like a Peter Pan.

A man in Texas is facing charges for hosting a website for erotic fiction which featured underage characters. Prostasia, who is assisting with his legal defense, is requesting donations to help them defend him and fight to overturn the laws that allowed the state to raid his home and press these charges. A victory would deal a blow to Texas's ability to criminalize art and fiction under its obscenity laws.

Please consider contributing to the legal defense fund.

《Gun & Rose》T-800xJohn Connor. R-18 /B5 /38P. Fanbook by GOGGLESYO ft. HIKANON.

I've been so creatively lonely for so long. I should stop back in here more often.

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