Noelle licking, loving, and lapping up a chocolate shota's royal cock. He came all the way from the desert and she is eager to show the little prince a great time.

Art by @Padoga

In Dragonblood, you must convince young knights to join your cause as the boy king of Sexony. They can be given gold, the castle they always wanted, or, in most cases, a night with Noelle.

As she moans in her soft squeaky voice, this young knight’s boyhood creams at the mere suggestion he may someday be married to this luscious mouse if loyal.

Noelle smiles teasingly, “Mon ami, you must have better stamina!”

Commission I brought from the ever-talented @Yokappa

The fact I hit 777 followers on pixiv on friday the 13 is kind of funny to me lol

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I just thought I'd share a lucky number on friday the 13th lol

The potion was having unintended side-effects. Zara thought it was going to restore her health and lead her back to smashing goblins in the head. Instead, she found her mind drifting in strange, idiotic and rather lewd thoughts.

“Santa…” she murmured. Her companion Cheyenne looked at her in confusion.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You think he’d like, you know, a blow? He seems sooo pent-up...”

Cheyenne groaned. “You took the lust potion again, didn’t you?”

Art by @niichan

Your boy king can unlock "Polygamy' to have more than one wife in his court. It has its benefits~

Art by @niichan

Princess Lavender looking at her shota subjects jerking off to her.

Art by @niichan

"It ain't easy being the king of a bunch of dumb goats. But some are kind of hot so I hump them whenever I feel like it. My favorite one is this Helen bitch. She's got big boobs that I always cum on. Even better, this dumbo loves it when I pull on the leash. I think I'll keep the wrench instead of eating her. " - Benjiro

King Benjiro of Bovinia acts tough but in reality, Helen has him right where she wants.

More Barkshido! More to cum.

Art by @niichan

Helen is a lonely farmer. Her husband left years ago and now she lives in a small cottage with her 12-year-old son.

She has been noticing the boy getting naughtier as of late. Normal, she thought, for his age. That way he would stare at her, however...those gentle blushes. It seemed he was falling in love.

He tested his luck one night, naked all in front of her after the two shared a sip of wine. "Oh come on, mom!"

"I don't know, dear."

Art by @niichan

Sometimes I want to do more with my characters besides porn but Idk how everyone would feel about it. Especially since up to this point it's been all lewd lol

During spring, the forests of Sexony are filled with horny bee girls looking for a mate. The mate doesn't have to be a drone, as one lucky kid found out.

He may be only a mere farm boy but she made him feel like a king as she collected his nectar with her soft mouth. She was dopey but she clearly had feelings for the little boy.

Of course, being only 11, he wasn't sure about being married to her. But she doesn't take no for an answer.

Art by @niichan

Crown Prince Fahren liked to think he was level-headed. But after pardoning a thief half his age, her letters of gratitude had been...arousing the 13-year-old royal.

The girl seemed to be infatuated by the prince's charming looks. Her words slowly became more sultry and least she tried to be as she couldn't write well at all.

But the picture was clearly painted: she wanted his 'royal rod' deep in her thieving pussy. He might have to take that offer.

Art by @niichan

"Yes, father?"

Being a pent-up king with a busty underaged daughter makes for an awkward castle life...

Art by @kirisuto

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