@Pirigtur @Osomin @theDutch I wanted to quit art two times this year tbh, it's a miracle that I still draw. Probably not, it's just because I'm a stupid person.


@Ultratesla @Pirigtur @Osomin first of. YOU ARE NOT A STUPID PERSON, so stop acting like one! You are talented and creative and i hope to see more of your work. That said if drawing is making you miserable or you do not wish to continue then stop. It is not worth it if your not enjoying it. If comments from others are getting to you my advice to you is two full. Fuck em! And grow a thicker skin.

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@theDutch Everything is too complicated...
I think drawing is the only thing I can really enjoy, but I realized it only a year ago.
The world has changed dramatically. I've lost a person who motivated me to continue, and the pain I feel is so strong that I wanted to stop, because she told me to do so, also to stop using the internet.The damage I've got is unreal. Drawing won't lead me to anything good I think...It brings only pain. Not the process itself, but the result.

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