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I'm opening 10 commission slots!
Feel free to DM me with the description of what you'd like to reserve a slot!

Remember to regularly mate with your partner! ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

Welp, i gave animation another shot!
Can't quite say i got the hang of it yet xD but at least i managed to finish this!

Figured i'd draw one of my own characters, Kouta for once xD

I actually just started exploring animating stuff in Procreate, and figured i could use this sketch as an ...experiment xD

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Idk, should i post some of my older stuff on here too? I mean they are on pawoo but i guess baraag allows me to post them in slightly higher resolution lol

Eli Pepperjack commission from Tales of Arcadia for anonymous!
Thanks for the support!

The bois seem to be enjoying their alone time in the onsen~
A commission for @dragonknight95 of their character Max, and @bud16 's character Gosh!

Thanks for the support!

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