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here we go again! 👑DEVASTATION👑, the NSFW/18+ sequel to my previous original story, RUIN, is released and ready for download! mind the content warnings, and have fun~ also, let me know what you think. i love feedback! :blobheartcat:

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introducing... ✖UNDEFINED✖, penny & salem's (NSFW) story! it's... complicated. mind the content warnings, and have fun~ let me know what you think, also! i love feedback.

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hello! im teeb and my interests include cartoon robots, toony loli/shota, and general nonhuman Weirdness! enjoy your stay~

also forgot to announce over here, but the preorder window for my new book (the combined edition of ruin+devastation) is open until april 21st, 2022! more info here ->

(OC) forgot to post this sketch of magnus from last year...

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