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my second 18+ original comic, ruin, is finished now, and free to read! mind the content warnings, and enjoy~ as usual, i love hearing feedback, too. :3

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hello! im teeb and my interests include cartoon robots, toony loli/shota, and general nonhuman Weirdness! enjoy your stay~
i made a NSFW vinland saga doujinshi. ^__^ it's free, so it'd make me happy if you checked it out!

in hindsight containing thorkell with mere rope was doomed to fail

drawpile results ^__^ (a friend did the colors+sugar daddy gojo)

thorkell is wearing a bear pelt(?) on top of chainmail but his boner is simply that powerful

also heres the entire thorkell drawpile canvas i did with friends 🥰

jujutsu kaisen is very yaoi and gojou is a slut

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