The characters from my current D&D group :blobhappy:
Zolya, sorcerer
Lian, monk
Lyune, sorcerer
Tegam, cleric
Art, barbarian/fighter

We are looking for a new DM! if you have some experience with D&D and if you're interested in DMing for a group of nudist boys, send me a message! :blobcheeky:

We've found a new DM, so we're no longer looking. I really appreciate all your offers though, you guys are awesome ❤️

@tatzelwurm they're very cute and hot. I kinda wanna fuck all of them ngl

@tatzelwurm Man, wish I could be a fly on the wall for that game, sounds amazing!

@tatzelwurm I don’t DM, but I definitely wouldn’t mind leading those boys somewhere isolated. X3

@tatzelwurm I’d offer my services as a DM if my schedule wasn’t full 🥲 good luck on the DM hunt, please do keep us updated on the nudist adventures

@tatzelwurm Ah man, this sounds like fun to play in. Good luck finding a new DM. I'd offer if it wasn't still new territory for me 😅

@tatzelwurm I am a DM and this looks like my ideal kind of party hehe but I sadly am only taking my baby steps back into DMing. They are super cute though, would love to get my own boys made so well 😊

@tatzelwurm throw me a DM if you're still looking, I have a LOT of experience

@tennousagi haha, nope... some of our characters are just good at dodging (using unarmored defense). I think Tegam is the only one of them to wear armor, although here in the picture he's just wearing a tunic.

@tatzelwurm If you are still looking for a GM, message me. I will gladly run it, as I love roleplaying such things, though times would be fun to deal with. If we get a set time, it is far easier. Is this going to be easier play by post or set time? Player choice.

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