while i dont need an excuse to age down a character, finding out the show your waifu stans is about a demon girl who turns into a loli to visit the human world is certainly a great idea to play around with ​:blob0w0:​​:yanagiyuu_heart3:​

chibi furry 

the goings on of tatertott island​:hok:​

c-boy shota kemonomimi 

hopy eamstr
a cruel mistress once said, the season of fuckin and makin babies is perfect for the bunny holiday

cboy shota bestiality 

had a dream last night that i was a farmboy who worked at dragon breeding stables ​:blob0w0:​


i like to turn characters i like into strange tiny critters and lewd them πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ just a little scaly imp boy


@tarokitty every moment im not allowed to understand the context of these horny ass cgs my incestual intent grows stronger

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the cards w leviathan and beelzebub together are horny. you expect me to control myself????

cboy shota 

greased myself up w leftover newyears booze to get the chutzpah to post this miserable lot of leviathan/selfinsert stuff ive done recently

my aesthetic is "adult character you'll still get banned on twitter for"

topaz, jasper, marco, maria, and morgan are all childhood friends, theyve known each other since they were thiiiiis tiny​~ :blobcatpats:​
a lot of my ocs are ascended pokemon gijinka, they're all mainly normal human teenagers now but i still like to give attention to their original forms and designs ​:blobuwu:​
(marco and maria have always just been people but they get to appear here too, bc i play favorites)

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